Noodle Palace

Noodle Palace

Having won the “Best Independent Venue” award each year since its inception in 2012, including the recently finished 2017 season Noodle Palace is a must-attend destination during Perth's much loved FRINGE WORLD.

Noodle Palace is a bespoke, custom built venue which transforms a relatively disused space into a visual and experiential hive of activity.

The Central Institute of Technology Building on Francis Street has homed Noodle Palace for the past three years, being transformed into a bustling four theatre space, complete with rooftop bar, playing host to over 80 acts from around the world and over 500 shows across five weeks.

Incredible theming throughout the venue captures an exciting fusion of traditional and modern urban Asian street culture providing the perfect backdrop to a summer night on a rooftop themed bar in the heart of Northbridge.

JumpClimb have been able to actively engage the students of the facility to further their education in a range of areas including design, event management and production.

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Photo: OK Media Group

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