Greyhound Racing: Interesting News and Features

Greyhound racing is an old sport, but surprisingly, not many people are aware of it. That is a real tragedy since greyhound racing is an exciting sport that has great potential for entertainment and commerce. If you enjoy horse racing and other track sports, then you will fall in love with greyhound racing. In this article, read about some exciting news and features of this ancient, legendary sport.

Greyhound Training

Greyhounds are, by nature, excellent runners. However, they are trained on how to run along a track in a competition format. The basic training involves having the dogs chase a lure. With time, they become used to the chasing game using artificial bait. A greyhound will be ready for the race tracks at the age of one and a half years going on to race for a maximum of five years depending on their care and health. There are dedicated trainers, so you do not have to fret about the whole process.

Greyhounds as Pets?

You may be wondering how good pets greyhounds can make. Research has shown that they are great pets. Firstly, they have an excellent relationship with human beings. Secondly, they are pliable for training and will therefore not cause much trouble in the house or other human spaces. But what makes greyhound excellent pets is their gentle nature and docility, which makes them friendly even to children. Perhaps due to their character, retired race greyhounds are adopted every year by households across the world.

Betting on Greyhound Races

Sportsbooks have added greyhound race betting into the options available to punters. This is a response to the growing popularity of the sport in places such as Australia which records colossal betting figures. Major sportsbooks have sought to grab a slice of the lucrative pie. Greyhound racing enthusiasts can now make some money as they cheer on their favourite greyhound.