The Latest Greyhound Racing News and How to be Updated

Like any other sporting activity, greyhound racing has been mostly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This has left racing fans with just memories of past events as they look forward to races resuming. During this entire period, catching up with the latest news has to be critical. Even amid the pandemic, a lot has taken place. It continues to occur as race organisers plan to get back to the action as soon as it is safe to do so. In this article, read some greyhound racing news you may have missed.

Tim Cahill Appeal

Tim Cahill, the iconic Aussie footballer, has appealed to Australians to make it a habit to adopt retired greyhound as pets. In his new role as an ambassador to the greyhound pets crusade, Cahill asks for a shift in perception to enable more people to adopt greyhounds once they are no longer fit for the tracks. In his new campaign in partnership with Greyhound Racing New South Wales, Cahill hails greyhounds as friendly and placid. Leading by example, Cahill has himself a greyhound which he describes as part of his family.

Post Covid-19 Operational Guidelines

Several countries are putting in place measures to get the sport back on the track in the post-Covid environment. As new infections continue to drop in some countries, governments have allowed some level of activities to get things back to normal. For instance, the Greyhound Board of Great Britain has released some guidelines to ensure that the sport slowly gets back to its feet while observing safety measures.

Getting Reliable Greyhound Racing News

The spread of fake news has been another pandemic that the world has been battling. To get correct and reliable greyhound news, it is advisable to check the information in the right places such as racing associations websites, newsletters, and social media feeds. Be in the know and avoid fake news.