Common Markets in Greyhound Racing Sportsbooks

Betting on greyhound racing has become an exciting addition to the whole race experience. Fans of the sport do not only have to avail themselves to these races to cheer on their favourite hound. The opportunity to make a quick killing turns the experience even more worthwhile through placing wagers on different outcomes of the competition. Sportsbooks provide a diverse market from which punters can try their luck. In this article, find some of the most common markets for betting enthusiasts.

The Straight Bet Market

This is the most common market that any punter, experienced and newbie can try their luck on. A straight bet is simple to understand since it entails a punter picking out the hound that will likely cut the tape first, ahead of the pack. It may not require much analysis or long experience. Merely trusting your hunch by picking the liveliest or most beautiful greyhound may end up winning you some money. If you don’t succeed, at least you will have great fun moments cheering and jeering.

The Straight Forecast

This is a little bit trickier than the straight bet. The straight forecast involves a punter picking greyhounds that will complete the race in a particular order. For new punters, this is a harder nut to crack. However, for experienced punters who have studied the speed and agility of specific greyhounds, it is a lucrative market since sportsbooks offer higher odds for such outcomes.

The Jackpot

This is the epitome of greyhound betting markets. In a jackpot, a punter tries to predict the winners of several races correctly. It requires more in-depth research and analysis to discover the abilities, statistics and trainer of each greyhound participating in the race. All this information will be valuable in making up the punters mind. Obviously, due to the high risk of punters losing money, sportsbooks offer higher odds for perfect predictions and bonuses for near-perfect predictions.